Monster Central Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300

After seeing this uber-remote control, I feel inadequate. The Monster Central 300, from Monster Cable, features the company’s OmniLink system that consists of an “RF-to-IR bridge and IR blaster system transmits commands through walls and floors throughout the house for whole-home control for multiple systems.” (That sounds fun.) It’ll also give you control of multiple zones without any custom integrated wiring and control panels. (Fun as well.) Of course it’s main task is to give you a single remote for all your A/V stuff and it’s totally easy to get started with it because there’s an online set-up wizard. The product page says it’s a unique ergonomic design, but it just looks like a big rectangle to me. It’s $600, but that seems like a small price to pay to have one remote to do everything in every room of your home. I think I would need a holster though, so I can just keep it with me at all times.

Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300 featuring OmniLink [product page]