AMD 4×4 Platform Ain't Cheap

At a company event in Munich, AMD finally released some information about its new 4×4 platform. Launching November 14, there will be three separate processors: The 2.6 GHz FX-72, 2.8GHz FX- 74 and 3.0GHz FX-76. AMD also talked about the price points of the new platform, stating that entry-level chips will be starting around $1000. It looks like the days of a high-end gaming PC selling for $4000 are over, and you’re going to have to dish quite a bit of money to pick up a rig sporting AMD’s new platform. For gamers, it’s simply too much money to spend on a computer, especially when PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can graphically show games the same way a high-end PC will, saving you thousands of dollars. Sure, there are people that will argue that their dual monitor setup of Oblivion looks great on their ultra high-end gaming PC, but hey, they aren’t playing on a 60-inch HDTV in their living room, are they?

AMD 4×4 Platform Ain’t Cheap [engadget]