Zune Contests are Over, Thanks for Playing, Check your Mail

OK Bucakroos, it’s high-Noon on Sunday, which means both of our contests to win Zunes (among other things) are officially over: the Seattle contest and the rest-of-the-country. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter. In our book, you’re all winners. Except you, Ryan Stickney of Seattle, WA. While we do love creativity, the image above was not on the list of photos for the contest. Also, there is no Crunchgear/Zune logo page, also a disqualifying infraction. He did, however, include an image of unicorns humping Cold-War style, so he gets honorable mention. Otherwise, we’re a little disappointed at the turnout of the Seattle contest. When we were giving away tickets to see Band of Horses with Zune Insider, you guys were ravenous. When we make you actually work for it, not so much. Next time we’ll keep it simple so as not to disturb your rainy day hangover.

We’ll be randomly drawing two names from the dozen or so qualified entries right now, and we’ll be getting a hold of the winners shortly. Remember, if you can’t be at Minnie’s at 9AM, you forfeit your breakfast, your Zune, your Belkin Kickstand case, and notoriety. Forfeit, we say!

The rest of you who’ve been slugging it out for the remaining Zune across the country: Nice work! While some of the entries are just lame, many of you went above and beyond the call of importunity. Well done. Our crack panel of celebrity judges are currently pouring over the gigabytes of submissions and will select a winner shortly. Stay tuned here to see the winning entry.

And for those looking at the Win A T-Mobile Dash contest, fear not, it’s still going on. All you have to do to win is help impel our editor John’s no cellphone for 30-day cold-turkey detox. Can he do it? Only with your help. And if you’re the best helper, you’ll get a T-Mobile Dash, since he won’t need it.

Thanks everyone, and thanks to Cesar from Zune Insider for the hookup, the nice people at Belkin for the Kickstand cases, and to The Stranger for double Slogging us (Seattle Reference).