Composite Cables Don't Do Wii Justice

Well all know the Nintendo Wii isn’t going to give us the high definition graphics that PS3 and Xbox 360 deliver, but that doesn’t mean games on the Wii look awful, does it? It turns out when IGN tested out its Nintendo Wii, the graphics on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess looked bad. Really bad. The problem was coming from the Wii’s connection to IGN’s LCD via composite cables. Since the Wii does not come with component cables, you have a couple options to get your Wii looking the way it’s supposed to. Here’s what a fellow blogger at IGN recommends:

  • 1. Get Component Cables
  • Getting component cables for the Wii is a little harder than it should be. Only three retailers will carry the components cables: Circuit City, Best Buy and GameStop. If you’ve got a TV that supports component cables, do yourself a favor and get some.

  • 2. Buy A Crap TV
  • If you buy a standard definition TV and use the included composite cables, games on the Wii are going to look better. Personally, I would much rather spend $30-$60 for component cables than $200 or so on a standard definition TV.

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