HP Re-brands MoGo MouseBT As Their Own

HP should probably stop re-branding things under their name. Let’s face it, that iPod by HP thing didn’t work out too well, did it now? Now HP is re-branding the MoGo MouseBT as the “HP Bluetooth PC Card Mouse”. Same specs that include Bluetooth, touch sensitive scroll wheel, and the ability to recharge the battery via your PC card slot? You betcha. Only difference between the HP version and the original is a big logo placed smack in the middle of the mouse. Don’t expect an ExpressCard version for your Macbook Pro though, HP is going to be bundling this with their laptops like nobody’s business. If you want to check out the nitty gritty, an official product page from HP is available here.

HP and Newton cozy up for branded MoGo Mouse [Engadget]