Motorola’s ic502 Drops On Sprint, Looks Like a Bumble Bee

If you’re one of the awesome Sprint/Nextel users out there, boy do we have a treat in store for you. The ic502 from Motorola has been released for Sprint and is the first phone for the network that supports both iDEN (Nextel) and CDMA (Sprint) frequencies. This means you can use it with Sprint, Nextel, or Verizon (if you really want it that badly). It’s kind of a lame phone though, as the features aren’t too great and the screens it includes are mediocre. We wouldn’t be surprised if Sprint touted this as a “rugged, tough-guy” phone. Plus, it comes in a beautiful bumble bee black and yellow color scheme. That is beyond cool.

Motorola ic502 Now on Sprint [MobileWhack]