CrunchGear This Week

Big Zune doings over at CG this week. We invited two Seattle readers to hang out with Matt Hickey as well as Bill Gates and his army of winged Zune Monkeys where they ate breakfast, saw a show, and got free Zunes. One CG reader got their own Zune to play with and then we got OUR Zune and proceeded to wait for ten hours while the Marketplace appeared on screen — we still haven’t been able to transfer music to the device. Fancy!

We’ve got someone standing by at the Wii and PS3 launches this week and we’re giving away a T-Mobile Dash to the most creative reader. We also have a new feed which gives you only the posts we deem as “hot,” thereby allowing you, dear readers, to read CrunchGear in a considerably abridged form. Think of it as Readers Digest for blogs. CrunchGear – Making things better… for you!