Oakley Announces Thump Pro

Oakley apparently didn’t get the memo that their MP3-playing sunglasses, known as the Thump, are a flop. They’re ugly, feel weird, and are costly. But lucky for us, Oakley isn’t going to let the man get them down. They’ve announced a November 17th release date for their new sunglasses, the Thump Pro. Thump Pro is designed for athletes and performance-demanding individuals, who need consistent, clear vision at all times. They come with solid-state memory from 256MB to 1GB and can play iTunes AAC, MP3, WMA, DRM’d WMA, WAV, and MP3 music formats. Be prepared to dish out $249 for the 256MB pair and up to $349 for the 1GB pair. But how do they look? Better than previous Thump models, but they’re still pretty NASCAR.