Sony KDS-R60XBR2 Reviewed: Big, Bright And Expensive

If you were excited about the announcement that Wal-Mart has plans to offer a plasma HDTV for less than $1,000, then the Sony KDS-R60XBR2 is not for you. The $3,800 60-inch rear-projection 1080p HDTV is the feature-filled step-up to the well-received KDS-60A2000, though it has many of the same specs. According to the very, very long and obscenely thorough CNET review from Senior Editor David Katzmaier, the set, in spite of its high price, is worthy of a large spot in your livingroom, especially if you absolutely must have all the latest everythings, including stuff like a front HDMI port, CableCard slot and a dedicated VGA PC input. You’ll even get a spare bulb.

Black levels, shadow details, connection options, overall feature set and performance make it one of the best HDTVs available. The only major disappointments were inaccurate primary colors (“both green and red were pretty far outside the HDTV colorspace”) and a disappointing picture when a computer was used connected to the aforementioned VGA port.

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