CaseCamp at Crayonville Island

Neville Hobson is blogging that the first CaseCamp ‘unconference’ in the virtual world of Second Life will be hosted by crayon, on December 14, in the amphitheatre on crayonville Island.


If you’ve not heard of Casecamp before, the concept is simple – it’s a conference where presenters share case studies of their work, with the goal of creating a commons for discussion, learning and networking.

Here’s the event structure:

  1. You have to present a *case* — no theory. Please keep the self-promotion to a dull roar (nobody’s coming to hear you pitch your company).
  2. A presention is 10 minutes, then the (virtual) clapping starts.
  3. A presentation has 5 slides. For CCSL, all slides will be displayed at once (imagine a series of billboards), so you can’t have crazy builds or reveals.
  4. Show — don’t tell. Often, the best slides are images.
  5. If you have to use words, keep them to under 10 to a slide.
  6. Five (5) minutes of open questions follow each presentation. Q&A will be taken by the moderator via Second Life instant message.
  7. Presenters will need to have an SL avatar and Skype; ideally, you will have used them both before CCSL.

The event kicks off at 9pm Eastern time on December 14. As that’s 2am GMT on December 15, I’ll probably not be there, unfortunately. Don’t let that stop you being there, though!

Details on how to participate at Casecamp.