Cingular Double-Downs on the Blackjack, 8525

Both the Samsung Blackjack and the red-hot 8525 just got all officialized over at and are available now. If you’re willing to forgo two years of your oh-so-short life in favor of unlimited wireless access, you can pick them up on the (relative) cheap: $400 for the 8525 and $200 for the Blackjack.

When you consider that these QWERTY-enabled badasses sport 3G speeds and Cingular has no problem with you tethering for on-the-go broadband, those prices look rather attractive.

We’ve covered the pros and cons of both the Blackjack and the 8525 in some detail here, so if you’re at all interested in either device, you can relax. We’ve done the hard part. Now make us a grilled cheese sandwich, k?

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