Le Web 3 startup room but not many UK startups?

Loic has announced the Startup room (version 0.1) at LeWeb3 – “as I really want to give a chance to the startups to get known at LeWeb3”.  Below is a tentative program for the room, the principle is 5 minutes presentation, 5 minutes questions and 5 minutes setup. They may add more startups as there are so many companies still emailing Loic to participate.  Clicking through the list of companies, I will certainly be popping out of the main auditorium to see a couple of the pitches. I am a little  surprised to see so few UK startups  both attending and/or pitching?

TechCrunch UK is currently toying with the idea of doing something similar in the UK but in the new year.  The plans are in place and we will be making the announcement in a few weeks.

This program is subject to changes.
Monday, December 11th
10h00-10h15 Libcast.com
RSS Generator for Companies and Institutions
10h15-10h30 Wikierp
Next Generation ERP
10h30-10h45 MuseStorm
Cutting edge widget engine and distribution service
10h45-11h00 Feedback2.0
Consumer feedback community
11h00-11h30 Wengo
11h30-12h00 SMSConnect
12h00-12h30 Sky-Click
Skype web call centre with Salesforces CRM
12h30-12h45 Ulik
Virtual library
14h00-14h15 podmailing.com
Peer-to-Peer service for large e-mail
14h15-14h30 Quintura

New See & Find visual find engine

14h30-15h00 Vpod.tv

Video Publishing On Demand

15h00-15h15 Sniperoo
Widget distribution and management
15h15-15h30 Jobmeeters
eRecruitment 2.0 : Community based recruiting
15-30-16h00 Fon
16h00-16h30 Netvibes
16h30-16h45 Touristr
Travel community 2.0
16h45-17h00 Jamendo
Free, unlimited and legal music
17h00-17h15 Swoot
Giving Internet a new face
17h15-17h30 Submate
Making commuting fun !
17h30-17h45 Podemus
17h45-18h00 Sublimobi
Free mobile portal app for Chat, Bluetooth, RSS
18h00-18h15 Vozavi
New Community Shopping 2.0
18h15-18h30 PutPlace

Find, Organise, Secure and Share your Digital Life

Tuesday, December 12th
09h00-09h15 Juicerss
On line feed reader
09h30-09h45 Kerpass
Mobile phone strong authentication as a service ,
10h00-10h15 Mabber
web and mobile InstantMessaging
10h15-10h30 Weebly
Online AJAX-based website creator
10h45-11h00 Muniwireless.com
Blog that became a vertically integrated business
11h15-11h30 Mobitype (Moblogging)
Instant blogging : linking mobile communities
11h45-12h00 Qloud.com
social search for music
12h15-12h30 Paperblog
Editing existing blogs for online and offline media
14h00-14h15 Codeur.com
Find the best freelance for your projects
14h15-14h30 YouVox
Portal of collaborative webzines
14h30-14h45 E-box
Automated postal facilities for e-commerce
14h45-15h00 yaadz
User-Generated Video Advertising
15h00-15h15 Tractis
Online contract negotiation and execution
15h15-15h30 b-r-ent.com
15h30-15h45 Fleck.com
Fleck the Web, share your vision
15h45-16h00 Pixenate
The Online Photo Editor
16h00-16h15 Blastfeed
Select RSS feeds to monitor
16h15-16h30 bliin
Real-time social network service
16h30-16h45 IMINENT
Services & social network over IM
16h45-17h00 Tablefinder.com
Restaurant Reservations Revolutionized