Zune Says “Screw You” To Songs On Dude's Hard Drive

Blogger Aran Johnson got a Zune and the poor guy is dealing with yet another problem: Zune’s software only imported 600 of 3200 songs he had on his hard drive. Now before you start going “Bullshit! He bought them off iTunes and he’s a douche” and all that jazz, know that the majority of Aran’s music was ripped from CDs he owns. He tells of how he ripped his prized ABBA CD he bought in iTunes and was left with 15 songs. When he went to import them to his Zune, the software recognized one track. Terrible. This is yet another reason why Microsoft should have just fixed the incredible amount of bugs with the Zune and waited another month to release it. Sorry Aran, we feel for you dude but next time try ripping something that isn’t ABBA – maybe Zune was trying to do you a favor.

Zune Fails to Import All Music Files [Aran World]