Daisy MP3 Player Brings Hope To The Open Source World

The Daisy MP3 Player isn’t an iPod killer. It’s not supposed to be. Originally created by artist and designed Raphael Abrams as a challenge to himself, the device has come a long way since 2001 and is incredibly easy to integrate into existing interfaces such as kiosks and displays. Abrams’ goal was to create an easy to build MP3 player that was open source and connectible. So if you’re a DIY kinda guy, you should check out the Daisy and see how you can integrate it into your life.

What features does the Daisy already have? Excellent audio quality, the ability to access 65,000 tracks, playback MP3 and WAV files, and you can change the batteries for it. Sweet.

Daisy MP3 Player Kit [MAKE]