Nokia N97 Rumors Flying About

Hold the phone Nokia (HA! Finally I made that joke work), are you really releasing the N97? Seriously, rumors are flying around that Nokia’s new N97 phone is real and slowly making it’s way into people’s hands as a prototype. Mobile Whack has some hot pictures of one sexy phone, but are they real? The rumored specs on this baby are insane: huge 3” display, 20GB internal memory w/ miniSD card slot, and a 5MP camera with 20x zoom. Impossible? Certainly not. But we’ll take this one with a grain of salt until we see some concrete evidence. If these photos are indeed real, the phone seems to have a keypad similar to the N93 and dedicated music playback buttons. Keep dreaming folks, move along, nothing to see here…yet.

Nokia N97 Phone [Mobile Whack]