PS3 Goes For $9000: The Economy Is Strong

PS3 Mania has clearly gripped everyone. As far as Mr. Deleon over at Gizmodo is concerned, the highest price paid for a PS3 on eBay so far is $9000. Imagine what you could do with $9000 though! You could set aside $1000 for a PS3 next year with some good games, cables, etc., and then go on an insane shopping spree at the local KMart. Looks like people just really want this system though, because in this eBay auction, the winning bidder is apparently shelling out $89 million for his PS3. Are eBayers just starting to mess with people’s minds and flawing the system? Who knows at this point. If you think this is bad, imagine what happens a few weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah. Chaos and price gouging will peak and the world will crumble in half in a mess of fire and brimstone. At least most of these auctions come with free shipping.

PS3 Goes For $9000 On eBay [Gizmodo]