SanDisk Shows Wii Some SD Love

If using a plain old SD card with your new Nintendo Wii just won’t do, flash-memory manufacturer SanDisk is shipping special edition cards to coincide with the console’s release.

So what’s special? For starters the cards are white (Yes! It’s true! A white SD card!) and will be emblazoned with “SanDisk For Wii.” And sadly that’s where the specialness ends. They’ll be available in 512GB, 1GB, and 2GB sizes and range in price from $34.99 to $89.99.

The cards, by the way, can be used for storing game saves, backing up Virtual Console games in the Wii Shop Channel, can store JPEG images and MP3 audio to display and listen to via the Wii, and will accept video files created in QuickTime with sizes of up to 848 x 480 pixels. The cards haven’t posted to the company’s site yet, but it says they’ll be at gaming and major consumer electronics stores with the Wii.

SanDisk [company site]