Sony-Ericsson to Slim Down

If you’re a Sony-Ericsson holdout who loves the sturdy phones, high-end features, and intuitive interface it offers, you’ve probably been watching with some envy the shrinking form-factors the rest of the cellphone world enjoys, specifically Motorola and Samsung. Sure, your phone has a 332-megapixel camera with Tungsten flash, radar, anti-fungal spray and a laser pointer built in, but it’s the size of a Snickers (and we don’t mean Fun Size).

Don’t worry, friend. The phone giant has announced that it has started development on its first foray into the wonderful world of slim with a handset codenamed Ai, named after a Japanese tennis player(!?).

If it sees the light of day, you’ll find a candybar-style phone at 9.4mm thick with a 2-megapixel camera and the Walkman music features. If it ever hits American shores, you can bet Cingular will be the carrier. Most of this is conjecture, however, so we must now play wait and see.
Sony Ericsson to unveil RAZR rival early ’07: source