Cingular Adds 3G GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA PCMCIA Card, Runs Out of Acronyms

While we personally think tethering to your cellphone is a great way to get high-speed mobile wireless, some of you like to use that card slot on the side of your laptops. Whatever, you suck. But you’re also in luck, if you’re a Cingular customer that happens to live in one of the carrier’s 3G-upgraded cities, as you can now get the Sierra Wireless Aircard 875.

With mobile download speeds of (practically speaking) up to 700Kbps down and up to 120Kbps up, you’ve got speed to do more than just email. You can watch YouTube videos, download programs, webcam with the porno sites, or pretty much anything else you’d like to do.

This is the first UMTS/HSDPA card in the US of A, and it has a price tag to match: $349 straight-up, or you can rock it down to $149 if you’re Ok with a 2-year GSM-themed boning.

Sierra 875 [Product Page, via Engadget]