Creative's Z600: Darth Vader's Dock

The Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 is a dock for the Creative ZEN Vision: M player. Not only does this dock give you stereo virtual surround sound, but it also utilizes the integrated X-Fi 24-bit Crystallizer, which restores audio quality that is lost when compressing music. The system features two satellite speakers and a compact subwoofer both of which look extremely flashy. The Z600 also supports TVs and DVD and CD players and can also be used as PC speakers.

The Z600 also comes with an infrared remote control, in case you want to sit back and change music without getting up. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the dock charges your Creative Zen Vision: M through the whole process. This solid looking Vision dock could be yours for the low price of $399&mdashwait, what?

Creative’s Z600: Go Away iPod, This Dock Is Not For You [new launches]