Qlockwork tracks your time and attention and store it in Outlook.

I recently heard about Qlockwork an new add-in for Outlook (2003/2007) from workingProgram which automatically tracks your attention to help you control and measure your time more effectively.

Unlike timer based systems, once installed, Qlockwork automatically records how you spend every 5 minutes of your day, so you don’t need to remember to start timers. Qlockwork works in the background to track almost all Windows applications including: MS Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, MSN Messenger, Skype and many more.
Qlockwork Activity Calendar

Attention Metadata is a subject close to my heart and for the last twelve months there have been a variety of companies developing applications to record attention metadata. e.g RootNet TouchStone, Attensa, RootVault , GestureLab, LastFM etc. Most of these companies are focusing on capturing attention metadata in order to provide better 1:1 advertising except LastFM. Qlockwork on the other hand is the first company I know of to capture people’s attention metadata in order to provide better time-management and reporting.

Soon there will be a Qlockwork:Team which pulls together your team’s individual activity logs to give you a view of your overall project and where time is being spent.

If you are interested to know more take a tour or download a 30 day trial version.

Finally Qlockwork also provides a number of reports both in HTML or CSV. Below is a quick summary my time this morning. Additionally there are detailed breakdown reports showing where I focused my attention whilst in each application.

Qlockwork Report –
Summary by Application

Mozilla Firefox – 1 hour 55 minutes
Microsoft Outlook (reading) – 0 hours 10 minutes
Skype. The whole world can talk for… – 0 hours 30 minutes
GameHub.exe – 0 hours 10 minutes
Windows Explorer – 0 hours 05 minutes

Total time using computer: 2 hours 50 minutes