Smokeless Ashtray Powered by USB, Guilt

Smokeless ashtrays have been with us for a few years, they’re not new. By using either air convection or ionic attraction, they suck up the excess smoke caused by your cigarette to keep it from affecting those around your (or your PC).

What is new is this USB-powered smokeless ashtray. It seems rather clear that this thing is geared toward old-school Unix programmers, as they tend to spend hours at the keyboard, cigarette dangling from their lips. This tool helps make sure their girlfriends mothers aren’t affected by the evils of the cancer causing agents within the smoke.

What we don’t understand is why it’s shaped like a car, complete with LED headlights. Why do token peripheral manufacturers keep making things into crappy little cars? iPod docks, speakers, hubs, and now ashtrays. I guess, at least it’s not pink.

USB Smokeless ashtray [Paramount Zone]