Wiimote Smashes TV?

According to Engadget, some Goon was bowling in Wii Sports when disaster struck. The controller strap purportedly snapped and the Wiimote went sailing into his 60-inch TV. As you can see, the TV didn’t withstand the blow very well.

I’ve been playing Wii Sports for the past day and this seems to me an unlikely scenario. While you do indeed swing the controller around wildly, the probability of the strap snapping, losing grip of the remote and it smashing into your TV, strikes me as highly improbable.

A more likely situation would be that the man wasn’t strapped in and lost his grip on the device when throwing the ball. He probably cut the strap in a play to get Nintendo to foot the bill for him not following the clear warnings the system already offers.

Edit: So perhaps I was a bit hasty to judge this guy so harshly. It seems he might have smashed his TV while using the device properly.

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[via Engadget]