ADS Tech's Instant Video To-Go Converts Video For Mobile Devices

See how happy this girl is? It’s because she used ADS Tech’s Instant Video To-Go to transfer video from her Windows PC to her portable video player, such as an Apple iPod or Sony PSP.

Instead of using software alone to handle the conversion, ADS set it up so that this USB drive does the H.264 conversion instead. The hardware-based coversion is up to five times faster than relying on software and your computer to do the job. The company claims it’ll take a 100-minute/2GB MPEG2 or VOB video file and convert it into high-quality (320×240) H.264 video in approximately 20 minutes. Doing it with software would take about five hours

The Instant Video To-Go includes ArcSoft Media Converter 2 software, a two-step application that converts MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, JPG, and TIFF formats. Not bad for $79.95.

Instant Video To-Go [product page]
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