ExpressCard 34 CompactFlash Reader From Delkin

Not to be confused with accessories and networking company Belkin, Delkin has debuted its eFilm ExpressCard 34 CompactFlash Card Adapter. Aside from having the longest product name ever, this is actually a handy device that will finally let you use that ExpressCard 34 slot in your Macbook Pro. The reader is hot swappable and is plug-and-play for both Mac OS X and Windows XP, which is nice knowing we don’t have to worry about another set of drivers.

However, this unit is a bit pricey at $50 considering it ONLY reads CompactFlash. Where’s the love for SD and Memory Stick Delkin? If you have the cash for a Macbook Pro though, chances are $50 isn’t going to break your bank for something that’ll put that slot on the side to use.

ExpressCard 34 Compact Flash Reader for Your Mac or PC [Lockergnome]