Second Life Gets A Case Of The Worms

For those of you who play Second Life, I must warn you: There was a virus going ‘round your world. To be completely specific, a worm manifested itself inside the world of Second Life. Though not incredibly harmful, the worm spawned Sonic The Hedgehog rings while making that “Sonic gold ring sound”. They kept spawning and eventually started to bog down systems and connections for those playing Second Life.

The script itself is self-replicating and was written specifically for Second Life in LSL (Linden Scripting Language). Even turning off scripts in the game’s settings menu still wouldn’t help slow down this onslaught of rings. The problem has since been fixed by Linden Labs and needless to say, a bunch of users rejoiced that they no longer have to do things in the real world anymore.

Worms in Second Life [F Secure via digg]