The Lowdown On Black Friday At Best Buy

We have some good news to report! If you were scared that Best Buy would have another shortage of electronics come Black Friday, fear not: A tipster has taken a picture of inside a Best Buy storage room and it looks like it’s stocking up on the Westinghouse stuff that’s being sold this Friday at ridiculously low prices. To quote an e-mail sent to the guys at Gizmodo:

“…they were stocking up for the BF sale already. Counted about 52 of the Westinghouse 32″ LCD HDTVs ($479.99, W3213) and 30 of the 42″ HDTVs ($999.99, W4207). Also recognized the Advent 15″ LCD TV ($129.99), estimated about 30 of them, along with a bunch of other stuff. Funny thing is, they were all labeled “Product not for sale. Hold for customer [Redacted].”

You hear that? Not everyone can afford/is going to be buying a 42” LCD HDTV this year, but some are. These numbers sound perfect: Just high enough that you don’t need to camp overnight. But we suggest lining up outside an hour or three before your local Best Buy opens. We might even try to score one if the temperature isn’t similar to Antartica’s.

Black Friday Watch: Best Buy Edition [Gizmodo]