US Robitics' Skype-tastic Webcam On The Way

I’ll say one thing for US Robotics, it’s certainly picked its pony and is going to stay with it until it wins. Continuing to expand its line of Skype-powered products, the networking company launched the USR9640 USR Mini Cam for Skype yesterday.

Aside from being dirt cheap for a Webcam/headphone setup (just $40), it’s optimized for Skype, features true 1.3-megapixel capture capability and full-motion video at up to 30 frames per second due in part to some support for new codecs that squeeze high-quality video from a small device. The cam itself has face-tracking auto-focus, digital zoom and a full 70-degree viewing angle, plus it’s tiny and can clip to a flat-screen monitor or stand on a table.

Apparently the headset’s pretty swell too, with HiFi audio support for fuller, more realistic sound.

Expect the USR9640 USR Mini Cam with Headset to be available in January ’07.

Webcam Is Latest Addition to USRobotics’ Skype Product Family [press release]