Get A PlayStation 3 On Black Friday

The PlayStation 3 has been getting pummeled this week. Personally, I really don’t feel it’s that bad of a console. When Xbox 360 first launched, it really only had one good game: Perfect Dark Zero. PlayStation 3 faces the same predicament with Resistance: Fall of Man. Sure, there are problems with the interface and with Buy-Ray playback, but the console hasn’t even been out for a freakin’ week. As much as I love Xbox 360, I feel it’s proper to give PlayStation 3 a little bit of time before we start judging it so heavily.

With that being said, if you’re still yearning to get your hands on a PlayStation 3, you may be in luck. Kotaku is reporting that stores will be selling PS3s in stock on Black Friday, so if you really want one, grab a sleeping bag and get in front of a retailer as soon as you finish dessert. If you’re in the fight for a Wii, you also may be in luck. Rumors have been floating around stating Best Buy has been sitting on a shipment of Wii, and won’t start selling them until Black Friday. Good luck out there, it’s going to be on crazy day.

Get A PlayStation 3 On Black Friday [kotaku]