Million dollar MacBook!?

Last night was the Internet People event with Robert Loch. I turned up with Paul Walsh from Segala where earlier we had debated about what is Web 3.0? Basically we concluded that it’s the Semantic Web with technologies like RDF, Microformats, GRDDL and ContentLabels being just a few of the newer technologies that will form part of the vocabulary which we will all be rattling off in 2007, just like RSS, tagging and UGC were newer terms that entered the mainstream conversation in 2006. – but more about that later.

It was also good to hook up with several entrepreneurs friends including Iain and Cary from Mydeo. Sadly I missed the debate due to a prior party invite from Jay Patel of NewMediaSpark (Thanks) but I did arrive just in time to hear Alex Tew from do a fine beatbox rendition to close the evening and briefly tease the audience with fact that he is launching his new project in a few weeks. Having spoken to Alex for part of the evening, all I can say right now is good luck and we’ll cover the his new venture shortly.

Interestingly though ever since Alex made world headlines with his Milliondollarhomepage, there have been many copycat wannabee ideas. One of those on a similar theme is Leah Culver’s aim to buy a new MacBook Pro by selling ad space on its lid. So not really the million dollar MacBook but she has achieved her goal.
help buy me a laptop

Personally I am getting a MacBook Pro for Christmas instead of upgrading to Microsoft’s Vista.