Amazon Goes Down Right Before $100 360 Becomes Available

So everybody and their Mother today was either heading to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving or sitting in front of a computer refreshing for that $100 Xbox 360 deal. Around 1:56pm (EST) today as I was refreshing, the site went down. After that, several friends and I had absolutely no luck trying to connect to the page. Then around 2:06pm, Blake told me his friend has successfully connected to the page and it read that the deal was done. Sold out. Zip. Nadda. Sorry!

It’s now 2:15pm and I still can’t even connect to the damn page. I’m pissed at Amazon because they gave no one a fair chance to grab a $100 Xbox 360. A company of their size and scale should have cleared out their series of tubes because they damn well knew that people would be all over this. Oh well, at least Black Friday is tomorrow. Now you can start preparing for that instead of getting a migraine over the $100 Xbox 360.

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