LG Chocolate Becomes Red Licorice, Green Jello

Damn LG, it must feel good to be a gangsta! After the success of LG’s popular Chocolate phone, it was released in white. Now, just in time for Christmas the holidays, comes the LG Chocolate in Red and Mint Green. The red looks decent but the green color is absolutely atrocious. All the features are exactly the same as the previous versions of the Chocolate, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Seriously LG, the original phone did look like a hunky of Hersheys and we dug it. Now you’re throwing us colors of the rainbow like a pack of Skittles. Ease up, take a step back, and stop making the Chocolate in a billion colors or at least give it a new name.

LG Chocolate Now in Christmas Red and Green, Same Otherwise [Gizmodo]