Money Mondays: deadline today

Today is the second week for our Money Mondays Showcase. As outlined before, here’s the format.
a) It is not a live, real world event (yet)
b) We will publish your URL, a handful of relevant sentences we have picked out of your submission (no more than 300 words please) and your contact email address.
c) This initiative is mainly for very ‘early’ companies with either a beta or a working demo or a real live working site we can look at.
d) No vapour-ware (things which are just ideas but not yet sites, widgets or projects). We don’t even mind ‘back bedroom’ projects which are barely companies, so long as we can look at something and get a feel for what you are trying to do – or doing, even.
d) The ones TechCrunch UK & Ireland likes the best will appear in one post on Monday. Hint: we like projects on the Internet and/or the mobile.
e) The reason we are doing this is to use our platform to help new entrepreneurs get started, noticed and ultimately some money/funding (hence Money Mondays) to pursue their dreams and, in fact, grow our market. Faster.
f) The decision of TechCrunch UK & Ireland is final.
g) The deadline is Friday each week.
h) Er, that’s it.

Lastly, does Money Mondays work as an idea? Paul Farnell from writes:

“I just wanted to follow up with you about the interest we’ve had in SiteVista since we were featured on TCUK on Monday. We’ve had three very interesting enquiries about investment. We’re now in the process of following up with all of these people, and sending them further information on the company, etc. I wanted to express our sincere thanks for the coverage on Monday, as it seems that this may be the start of us being able to really grow the company. If any investments take place as a result of these enquiries, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!”