Sony-Ericsson Looking To Take On Mobile And Broadband TV

Sony-Ericsson is looking to move past the cellphone market and into new ground for them: mobile and broadband TV. The cellphone giant is now looking to help put content on consumers’ screens within the next two years. Ericsson’s Per Nordlof says he envisions about 30 percent of cellphone users watching programs on their phones and that “within two years”; a mass market for mobile TV will erupt. Two years seems a bit early to shoot for that goal when I saw a chick still using a Motorola StarTAC the other day, but to each his own.

Nordlof also goes on to mention how telecom operators are going to have to offer TV in order to stay competitive. Absolutely. Comcast is now offering a digital voice package to most subscribers, so Verizon is going to have to start offering TV to make their service even desirable. Now we’ll just have to wait and see who starts to rise to the top in the next couple of years.

Ericsson to expand ties with Sony to mobile TV: official [Reuters via Engadget]