Flaremaker's combines RSS with every email

The advent of RSS is revolutionising the way information is disseminated from push (email newsletters) to pull (RSS subscribers), although email still remains the primary means of [permission based] communication. For many these two means of communication are viewed separately, with most people having both an email client and a RSS aggregator, but of late, email clients like Outlook 2007, Mozilla’s Thunderbird and GMail (via greasemonkey scripts) have started to combine these two communication sources into one client view. This is great news as I can now start to read/delete/post/forward my incoming emails and RSS items much quicker using my universal communication client.

Of course managing the flow of information out is also a key factor for every company executive. At least with email I can track both delivery and read notification, with RSS I can still only track the subscription numbers but imagine being able to combine these two means of communication into one marketing message, so that everytime I send out an email it at least contains my RSS feed headlines as an advert in the email footer.

Well one UK company Myzan Ltd has developed a new RSS management tool for email users called Flaremaker RSS-Signature. I have been using Flaremaker for the last few months and personally I like the way I can extend the reach of my blog by making each email a potential marketing opportunity. Below is an example of my own email footer created using the simple Flaremaker tools and back-end services.

Of course there are others that offer a similar RSS service such as FeedBurner, Nooked and Fedafi

Thanks in advance


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