London Girl Geek Dinner 9

London Girl Geek DinnersI just updated the TechCrunch UK event listing and realised I missed off the Geek Girl Dinner number 9 which is this Wednesday with special guest stars Robert and Maryam Scoble along with Hugh MacLeod. Sadly the event appears to be full with a waiting list forming already. Apologies to the A-List bloggers but I think the most interesting speaker will be Nicholas Ampazis from Feeds 2.0 who will talking about the future of RSS and its relationship to attention metadata.

DATE: Wednesday 29th November 2006
TIME: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
WHERE: Balls Brothers , 5/6 Carey Lane, London, EC2
MAP: Mini Map google map
HOW MUCH: Free Event: Sponsored by Microsoft Cambridge Labs

Also a quick congratulations to Sarah Blow the organiser for the successful launch of the Barcelona Geek Girl dinners. I had suggested to Sarah that possible she could organise a Paris Geek Girls Dinner before Le Web 3. If you are interested let her know (send an e-mail to info [at] and if there is enough demand you never know. ;-)