Verizon's QWERTY Phone enV of Others

. The enV is Verizon’s follow-up to its popular V QWERTY flip-phone. The basic features are the same: you have a candybar-style phone that opens on the side to display a full keyboard and a secondary screen for texting or emailing. The OS, however, is Verizon’s standard phone system, no smarts there.

Some of the hardware, however, has been upgraded. The Bluetooth now supports stereo and the camera is now an auto-focus style that’s been upped to the 2-megapixel range.

There’s no telling how much longer the VZN will be offering the V, as the enV is only $20 more expensive on Verizon’s site right now. That being said, we still think $150 is too much to spend on mid-range phone just for its txting features. For an additional $50, you could jump to the full-on smartphone fun of the Moto Q, which has more or less the same features and a bigger screen. But, hey, it’s your cash, Chachi.

LG enV [Product Page]