XCM XFPS 360: Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox 360

If you’re like me, you find shooters nearly impossible to play without a mouse and keyboard. This is a huge pitfall for console gaming as many of the more professional sort of gamers are inclined to use mouse and keyboard for games, rather than a gamepad. Well, a company called XCM aims to bridge that gap with the XFPS 360.

The device provides both PS/2 and USB ports for connecting your mouse and keyboard. And there is a port for a PS2 controller, if you’re more inclined toward Sony loveage. No word on pricing or availability.

I tried one of these things back in the Halo 2 days and found it rather awful. Since the system still interpolates movement as it were coming from a gamepad, movement remained flighty. I hope this one is better though, as I’d like to give it a shot with Gears of War. Another problem to consider, many of the major gaming tournaments, such as those by Major League Gaming, have banned mouse and keyboard from console play as a means to suppress better players coming in from PC-gaming to stomp the console celebrities its harvested. So if you’re looking to compete at Halo, you’ll probably want to stick to the gamepad.

XCM Brings PC-style Gaming to Your 360 [Gizmodo]