Apple Killing Off 15-inch Macbook Pro?

An interesting find today as we stuck our hand blindly into the Apple rumor box – it seems that Apple may be doing away with its 15” model of the Macbook Pro. The reasoning behind this poppycock is that the price of LCDs has fallen so much, the price difference between 15” and 17” is miniscule enough to offer 17″ displays at a 15″ price. To add fuel to the fire, rumors are also saying that Apple is prepping a 17” widescreen display for a Q1 2007 release – probably around the time of Macworld.

The aforementioned rumor could be true and on some levels, it makes sense. Bigger laptops are on the rise and people need more screen real estate. But the 15” model of the Powerbook was very popular and so is the 15” Macbook Pro. To force users to upgrade to a gigantic 17” display is ridiculous and the size of a 15” is perfect for on the road. I suspect Apple will release a 17” widescreen display, but will keep the 15” Macbook Pro so customers have choices. Then, sometime in 2007, Apple will bust out a 15″ Macbook and that’s when it’ll do away with the 15″ Macbook Pro. What do you think?

17″ Widescreen Price Falls: Is the end nigh for the 15″ MBP? [Insanely Great Mac]