Pink Zunes Surface At Random

Seems that about 100 pink Zunes have escaped into the wild and are popping up in boxes across the nation. The only way you’d know you were getting one though is if you looked really carefully at the box because there’s a small disclaimer printed somewhere on there. Just when you thought you were getting that macho-man black Zune, you could be getting a pink Zune instead. Ouch.

So 100 pink Zunes sounds kind of lame. Why not just release a pink Zune to the masses if you want to cater to the pink-loving demographic? I know that if I got a pink Zune instead of the color I originally wanted, I’d be pissed off. Oh, and another 100 pinkies were handed out to the Zune team at MS, so keep your eye out on eBay for a few of those.

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