Mama Mio

This week, BBC News is running a series of stories on the Future Of TV – of course, YouTube, IPTV, mobile TV, BitTorrent and other forms of online TV figure a great deal in these articles; the UK is notoriously namechecked as the source of between 10 and 25% of all TV piracy.

It’s fair to say that one of the consequences of Web 2.0 is the increased bias of binary content amongst traditionally XML media and marked-up text. Consequently, there’s be an increased demand for services that can understand the nature of binary content like photos, audio and video. London-based Nativ TV is seeking to provide under-the-hood solutions for the management of rich media.

Nativ’s recently launched Mio solution provides video-based services with workflow tools for the ingest, validation, filtering, cataloging and manipulation of video content…the kind of capability that future YouTube’s, Revvers, broadcasters and content owners will need – to automate and manage large volumes of complex video content. Notably, Mio includes a set of APIs to aid integration into existing enterprise systems.

Nativ founder Jon Folland has a respected track record in working with broadcasters like Channel4 and the BBC as well one of the first IPTV channels, MTV Live. Though Nativ appears to understand the video workflow needs of braodcasters with a perspective others may lack, the applicability of Mio to managing large volumes of user-generated content is unclear.

Now what’d be really interesting is racing Mio against an equivalent Mechanical Turk powered workflow platform…Human vs. Cylon ;)