PlayStation Update + SIXAXIS Problems

Sony PlayStation 3 users are reporting their SIXAXIS controllers are no longer detected by their PS3s. To get the controller to be recognized again by the console, users have to repeatedly plug in the controller via USB to sync it to the console. I haven’t had problems with this yet, but it could be a bug that came in when users downloaded the new 1.11 firmware update that was released yesterday. Sony’s obviously still trying to get things ironed out with its new console, but the controller problem is something users really shouldn’t have to deal with.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about is what exactly Sony fixed with the 1.11 firmware update. The high definition scaling problem isn’t fixed, the browser is still slow, consoles are still crashing when visiting the online store and now controllers are freezing up. From the looks of it, the only thing I see different is the user account feature that lets you add more money into your “virtual wallet.”

Not to bad mouth Sony again, but I hope there’s another update that comes out soon. One that actually fixes some of the problems users (including me) are having with the console. Seriously. Oh yeah, has anyone beat Resistance yet?

PlayStation Update + SIXAXIS Problems [aeropause]