AMD: Two Chips Are Better Than One. No Really. They Are. We're Serious.

Well, AMD officially launched its 4×4 platform and three new FX-series processors: 2.6GHz FX-70, 2.8GHz FX-72 and 3GHz FX-74. Or is that six processors? Each one is a set of two, dual-core CPUs. And according to Tom’s Hardware Guide, the platform and processors add up to a whole lotta “meh.” Which, by the way, took them 13 pages to get to.

It’s not that the setup doesn’t have its perks: Good enthusiast power, well priced, big bandwidth, dedicated memory for each chip and the ability to upgrade to two quad-core CPUs later next year, giving you eight cores to process your ones and zeros.

But THG just doesn’t see the point because of huge power and cooling demands, high platform costs (only one motherboard is available from Asus and isn’t in retail), and the benefits aren’t immediately accessible with today’s programs. And all just to get about the same performance as Intel’s quad-core processors.

AMD’s 4×4 Platform & Athlon 64 FX-70 – Brute Force Quad Cores [tom’s hardware]