Best Buy Woos Cell Customers With Mobile Phone-Only Stores

Best Buy announced today a partnership with U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse (CPW) to develop a mobile phone-exclusive store concept at nine locations throughout Manhattan. (And yes, I know this info was sort of announced earlier this month, but this is the official deal.) Branded Best Buy Mobile (Genius!) the stores will give customers a choice ofseven carrier brands, including Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and Amp’d Mobile, as well as pay-as-you-go options from Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Verizon InPulse and Cingular GoPhone. (Sorry, but does someone know why there’s no floor space for T-Mobile?)

Best Buy says they’re using non-commissioned personnel trained by Best Buy and CPW to match mobile handsets and accessories with carrier plans for an individualized offering. I like this. This is good. No arm-twisting like you might experience in a carrier’s store or in places like Radio Shack. Not that Radio Shacks are loaded with a bunch of Sprint/Cingular henchmen.

Oh yeah, the phone selection is crazy big of course, with more than 80 handsets available from all the major manufacturers. Hit the jump for locations.

— Upper East Side:

— Best Buy Mobile at Best Buy, 86th and Lexington (DCA Lic.

— Best Buy Mobile, 1186 Third Ave. (DCA Lic. # 1243736/1243727)

— Upper West Side:

— Best Buy Mobile, 2233 Broadway (DCA Lic. #1243721/1243718)

— Midtown:

— Best Buy Mobile, 750 Seventh Ave. (DCA Lic. #1243704/1243712)

— Best Buy Mobile, 360 Madison Ave. (DCA Lic. #1243690/1243691)

— Best Buy Mobile at Best Buy, 529 Fifth Ave. (DCA Lic.

— Chelsea:

— Best Buy Mobile at Best Buy, 60 W. 23rd St. (DCA Lic.

— Union Square:

— Best Buy Mobile, 2 Union Square East. (DCA Lic.


— Best Buy Mobile at Best Buy, 622 Broadway (DCA Lic.