Sennheiser MX75 Sport Headphones for the Sweaty

I’ve used a pair of Sennheiser headphones since my gaming days (long time ago), so I can attest to their awesomeness. And as someone who exercises a lot, I’m always in the market for a good pair of sports headphones. Well these MX75 might be just the thing.

Using a convenient twist to fit technology, the MX75’s provide a snug fit for athletics. It also has various ear piece attachments for different settings. The system includes a clip for snapping the cord to your shirt, keeping it from flopping around wildly.

The clear drawback of the MX75’s is that hideous color. I understand that people want sporting goods to be bright so that they’re visible and cars don’t run you over or whatever, but why the hell does it have to be that color? In fact, it seems Sennheiser is using that green for all its sports headphones. How about some color options yo?

Amazon Order Page [via Uncrate]