BMW Designs Hydrogen Powered 7-Series

Oh this is cool and I’m not just referring to the temperature of the hydrogen. This prototype BMW 7-series sedan was featured at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It can run on both gas and hydrogen and can switch between the two fuel sources in case you can’t find a hydrogen fueling station.

It currently uses BMW’s 6-liter V-12, but BMW engineers say that with further development, a 2-liter four cylinder hydrogen engine could crank 300 horses.

Even more interesting is that rather than running on silly hydrogen fuel cells, it utilizes liquid hydrogen, which in addition to being more compact that the gas, has to be kept insanely cold. To remedy this setback, engineers designed the hydrogen tank with insulation, so that it requires to additional energy expenditure to keep it at the proper temp.

BMW 7-series runs on cold, cold hydrogen [CNET Crave]