Game Ready Heals Your Pain

It seems that every time we step out of the CrunchGear Mansion, sore muscles and sports injuries pour cold water on our outdoor field frolicking. Thank goodness for Game Ready—probably the best thing to happen to sports injuries since the cup. This high-tech update to the old-school adage of “keep it cold and keep it compressed” promises sore spot healing and speedy surgery recovery. The machine pumps cold water through custom-shaped attachments that wrap around your limbs or head like a grocery store blood pressure machine, numbing the pain. And, unlike ice packs, there’s no chance of frostbite if you leave it on too long or fall asleep (this actually sidelined a Pittsburgh Steelers player last month.) I had the chance to try one out a few weeks ago after a hard day hiking. The verdict: Pretty awesome, if extremely eerie feeling (imagine a cold snake crawling over your leg.)

The best part: If you bother to ask, chances are that your insurance will cover a rental if you just got out of the OR. Of course you can buy one on your own, but thats just silly. And, since its used by the NFL, WWE, and loads of other sports teams, it must be healthy.