Belkin Finally Dumps Cable-Free USB Hub On The Market

Though I won’t believe it until it’s sitting in front of me on my desk (I’ve seen prototypes of it for a long time now), Belkin has announced that its wireless USB hub will be available for purchase by mid-December in the US. The $199 four-port hub uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) via a Wisair chipset to wirelessly send data from your computer to your peripherals at up to USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps).

Being able to stuff my printer, scanner, iPod dock and external hard drive into a cabinet without having to run a cable to my desktop is pretty sweet. And then if I want to access them all from my notebook up to 30-feet away, all I have to is move a USB dongle.

Aside from the coolness of the wireless, the hub actually looks nice as well. More pictures are after the jump.

Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub (F5U301) [press release]