TiVoToGo Gets Cracked, DRM Stripped. TV Actually Set Free?

I’m not sure what TiVo’s excuse is for not providing non-Windows users, including myself, access to TiVoToGo features. Probably the same one I get from every other company that doesn’t provide Mac/Linux support: There just aren’t enough users. But it’s that kind of attitude that drives people to do things like break DRM.

PVRWire has a report of a project that developed a command-line program that’ll strip the DRM from TiVoToGo files, which would allow you to play the Windows-only files on any device. There’s a wiki detailing the progress of the project if you want to read more, but basically, the program gets rid of the DRM, changing the file from .tivo to .mpeg, which is playable on many many devices. And probably more importantly, uploadable to many many Web sites.

TiVoToGo DRM cracked [pvrwire]