Child's Play Charity: 'Tis the Season

For those of you in a festive and/or generous mood, I wanted to give a quick update on the Child’s Play Charity organized by Penny Arcade. Child’s Play is a charity for the benefit of sick kiddies. It helps to provide them with much needed entertainment and diversion during their hospital stays.

It has currently raised nearly $300,000 and is well on its way to this year’s mark of $500,000. In addition, it has amassed countless games and toys for the children. All proceeds and acquired resources go directly to participating hospitals and into the needing hands of the kids.

It’s a good cause and if you’ve got a few spare bucks lying around you should consider donating to it. There is still some time to contribute before the holidays.

You can submit via PayPal or you can send checks to:

Child’s Play
12317 15th Avenue #108
Seattle, Washington 98125

Child’s Play